Our Iowa Heritage: Old Stone Capitol.

In closing, what can we say?

We Build Our Capitol – 1841 – an oil painting by Iowa City artist Mildred Pelzer (1934). Click here to read more about Mildred Pelzer’s amazing mural.

The Old Stone Capitol has stood at the center of Iowa City since 1840. It’s the iconic symbol of The University of Iowa, my alma mater, and for me personally, the center of my Iowa heritage. My great, great grandfather and grandmother, Jacob B. and Catharine Boller undoubtedly saw the Stone Capitol at the top of the hill when they arrived in Johnson County, Iowa in 1853. I make every effort to swing by it every time I go back home to Iowa City as well. That’s nearly 170 years of Boller family history. May this building always remain a focal point for the Boller family going forward.

Enjoy this collection of some of the pictures & artwork we’ve used throughout this series, all focused on the Old Stone Capitol in Iowa City.

Did you know that you can SEE Old Capitol and the Pentacrest anytime of the day? 24-7-365? Click here for a LIVE VIDEO FEED – courtesy of the University of Iowa.

This etching of Old Stone Capitol by George H. Yewell was published in 1854. Click here to read more about George H. Yewell.
Meredith Willson on Sunday, December 31, 1950, on the ninth edition of The Big Show, introduced, to a New Years Eve national radio audience, his new creation, The Iowa Fight Song. Listen to this rare recording of the very first performance of our favorite Hawkeye classic, performed with a 47-piece orchestra and sixteen singers. For more information – click here.
1944 University of Iowa Homecoming Pin.
1875 penacrest
(M-0107) This might be a good place to give a big tip of the hat to the Boy Scouts of America and the Old Capitol Trail that’s been set up for a number of years in Johnson County. Here’s the “official” brochure, two patches, and, of course, the prized old Capitol Trail medal that is given to scouts who complete the entire scenic & historic walk.
The University of Iowa Campus looking west from Old Capitol and the Pentacrest.
The University of Iowa Campus looking west from Old Capitol and the Pentacrest.

Thank you for journeying with us on Our Iowa Heritage!

If you’re ever in IOWA CITY – let me know, we’ll grab a great cup of coffee and have a Hawkeye-to-Hawkeye talk! May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You!

We close with this version of May The Good Lord Bless and Keep You, Meredith Willson’s classic, as recorded by Perry Como – circa 1958. ENJOY!

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