George F. Boller & Elizabeth Zook

The First Generation of our Boller Family in America.

* Editor’s note: When we placed a new gravestone for George F. Boller in 2016, we had no idea that in 2022, more papers would be found that would actually push George’s birth date and death date back by two months! The newly revised dates are: (b) November 18, 1793 (d) October 8, 1877. Fortunately, this slight two-month revision doesn’t alter any of the basic information we’ve presented in Our Boller Story.

George F. Boller

November 18, 1793 – October 8, 1877

Elizabeth Zook

July 17, 1790 – April, 1840

Sadly, no pictures exist of my great, great, great grandfather and grandmother. Yet, despite the absence of photographs, we do know that these two brave souls were pioneers in bringing the Boller family from Europe to America – with George arriving in October of 1816!

Pre-1793 – The Bollers of Bad Boll – In The Beginning.

1793-1816 – Introducing George F. Boller.

George F. Boller & Frederick Boller – The Burning Questions.

1816-1836 – The American Adventure Begins.

1836-1860 – From Ohio Westward.

1860-1877 – A Life Well Lived.

Celebrating 200 Years – Restoring George F. Boller’s Grave Site.

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