Did You Know? 2022.

September 24, 2022 – The Boller Family Reunion.

Finally, after many years of trying to touch base – on September 24, 2022, the third cousins of the Boller family got together for a reunion in Kalona. In the picture above, we have my three third cousins – Arnold Boller (far left), Emma Sullivan Boller (far end of table), and James Boller (blue shirt) – with Jason Boller (Arnold’s son – far right). Arnold, Emma & James are the great grandchildren of Jacob A. Boller – keeper of the Jacob B. Boller farm – pictured above in an 1869 map. Got all that?

You see, my great grandfather – Daniel J. Boller (1856-1946) of Wayland, Iowa and Jacob A. Boller (1862-1948) of Kalona, Iowa – were brothers. And, according to our family records, the last time (outside of a funeral) any cousins from Daniel’s or Jacob’s tribes gathered together for any special celebration was on November 18, 1899 – one hundred and twenty-three years ago!

The occasion? The golden (50th) wedding anniversary party held in Kalona on Saturday, November 18, 1899 for Jacob B. and Catharine (Smucker) Boller (see pics above)!


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1 thought on “Did You Know? 2022.

  1. Hi Marty,  I enjoyed reading your article about the Boller Reunion.  In your first picture, I know Arnold, James (and Ruth), and Jacob.   Further into the article, I know Lori Boller Gerber (with her son Micah). Lori was in my first Kindergarten class.   I had  alll of Arnold’s and James’ kids as students when I taught Kindergarten.  Also had Lori’s son Micah for Kindergarten and First Grade.      So great that you could get together with lots of relatives!  -Marilyn Yoder


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