The Christmas Eve Santa Came To Iowa.

Our story features eighteen amazing Christmas-time illustrations by Thomas Nast. Click here to read more.

A Short Story for Christmastime Reading.

Our Christmastime short story: The Christmas Eve Santa Came To Iowa.

Santa Claus, after one and a half millennia of being “the spirit of Christmas” finally has reached his limits, and is starting to experience a nervous breakdown. So unlike the jolly St. Nick we all know and love, Father Christmas has become cynical, depressed, and is now finally ready to give up on Christmas entirely. Mrs. Claus and all the elves try their best throughout the year to encourage Santa. Even several trips to the North Pole resident psychiatrist aren’t helping. Now it’s Christmas eve, the elves have packed up Santa’s sleigh, but Santa is not interested. So unlike himself, Nick storms off to bed and it looks as though Christmas won’t be coming this year after all. Mrs. Claus consoles the elves, turns off the lights and joins her husband upstairs. But before she falls asleep, in desperation, she cries out a prayer of help, asking God to restore her sweet Nicholas back to his old self.

Suddenly, Santa wakes up and he’s sitting in a homeless shelter in the middle of Iowa. He looks around to find himself being served a Christmas Eve meal of turkey, dressing, and all the fixin’s. It seems that “a higher power” has intervened at the last moment and taken Santa on a refresher course of why Christmas is so important, and why Nick got into the “Christmas” business in the first place. Through the journey, Santa meets up with the Dodsons, and throughout the evening, this Iowa family helps bring Santa back to life by letting him see and experience the “real meaning” of Christmas.


Chapter One – Ho! Ho! Humbug!

Chapter Two – Troubling Times at the North Pole.

Chapter Three – One Long Year.

Chapter Four – Christmas Eve Turmoil.

Chapter Five – Santa Meets the Dodsons.

Chapter Six – Nick to the Rescue.

Chapter Seven – Fire in the Fireplace.

Chapter Eight – That’s What Christmas is All About, Huh?

Chapter Nine – You Gotta Keep Going, Nick.

Chapter Ten – The Band Rehearsal.

Chapter Eleven – Nick Gets an Earful.

Chapter Twelve – The Christmas Eve Break-In.

Chapter Thirteen – The Christmas Eve Miracle.

Chapter Fourteen – Joy Comes in the Morning.

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Merry Christmas from Marty & Sandy & Old St. Nick…
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We hope you have enjoyed our short story: The Christmas Eve Santa Came To Iowa: A Short Story for Christmastime Reading.

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Thomas Nast’s works are in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries where the copyright term is the author’s life (1840-1902).

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