Our Iowa Heritage: My Iowa Art.

The State of Iowa and the University of Iowa have long been known as a center for the Arts.

First, there’s Iowa’s most famous artist, of course, Grant Wood.

Wood’s one-of-a-kind artwork has been used for both US coins and US stamps:

(C-0180) Iowa State Quarter featuring Grant Wood’s Arbor Day.

(S-0054) U.S. stamp featuring Grant Wood’s American Gothic.

(S-0049) U.S. stamp featuring Grant Wood’s Young Corn.

Click here for more history about The University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

And when it comes to the creative arts, who could forget the world-famous Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa.

One of the best-known writers to come out of the Writers’ Workshop is W.P. Kinsella. Kinsella earned a Master of Fine Arts in English at the Writers’ Workshop in 1978, and is the author of Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa, which in 1989 became the most beloved baseball movie of all time… Field of Dreams.

Is this heaven?  No…it’s Iowa!

(M-0030) Here’s a colorful reprint copy of the rare Cracker Jack 1914 Baseball Card (#103) featuring Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Click here to read more about W.P. Kinsella and how he wrote his now-famous story about an Iowa farmer and Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Over the last 180 years, the University of Iowa campus has long been a home to art:

The spiral staircase of Old Capitol.
(P-0179) (P-0329) The Dramatic Arts Building (above & below) – (P-0331) SUI Fine Arts Building and (P-0330) SUI Arts Center

(P-0181) (P-0182) (C-0267) Celebrating Hancher Auditorium (1972, 1982 and 2016).

(P-0183) …and, yes, even Herky can get a bit artistic!

So, over the years, we’ve collected some interesting pieces of art & collectibles that reflect our love of Iowa and the University. None of it, of course, will be included in the great works of Art ascribed to the University of Iowa, but for your viewing pleasure…here are a few of those works, pictured in chronological order…

(M-0037) Circa 1845 & 1852 – Two maps: Sketch of the Public Surveys of Iowa Territory. In my office hangs two very rare survey maps of Iowa Territory dating back to about 1845 and 1852. As Iowa was opening up to new settlers from the east, public survey maps like these were very important in charting out land plats. These surveyor’s maps indicates the progression.
(M-0038) 1868 – Iowa City Map.

(BH-145) From the turn-of-the-century – J. Boller in New York published Boller’s Pantomine Book.

(M-0039) Circa 1907 – Photograph in the Round of Downtown Iowa City. Looking directly north on Clinton Street, here’s the corner of Clinton & Washington Streets in downtown Iowa City in 1907 (the trees of the Pentacrest are on the left).

(L-0098) Circa 1910 Wayland, Iowa Promotional Poster – featuring Boller Furniture Company.
(P-0317) This very rare 1915 enlarged postcard pictures 14 SUI buildings along with Old Capitol: Hall of Engineering, Hall of Natural Science, Law Building, Hall of Liberal Arts, Hall of Physics, SUI Hospital, Anatomy Building, Hall of Dentistry, Medical Laboratories, Armory & Athletic Building, Old Science Hall, Engineering Shops, University Homeopathic Hospital, Chemical Laboratories.
(M-0040) 1919 – “On Iowa” by W. R. Law- Sheet Music.
(M-0041) Circa 1920’s – State University of Iowa Hospital Souvenir Plate.
(M-0043) (M-0044) 1921 Iowa License Plate & 1923 Missouri License Plate.
(M-0042) Circa 1920’s – Boller Mantle Chime Clock.
(M-0045) 1929 – Kinnick Stadium Brick.
(M-0049) Circa 1930’s – My dad’s Iowa Cowbell with a 70’s Herky decal I added back in the day.
(M-0052) Circa 1930’s – Boller Furniture – Wayland, Iowa Clothes Brush.
(M-0053) Circa 1930’s – Boller Furniture – Wayland, Iowa Promotional Wall Hanging.

Circa 1930’s – Boller Beverages Sign, Wooden Crate, and Misc. Containers.

(M-0055) 1946 – Iowa Statehood Centennial Plaque.
(M-0058) (M-0059) (M-0060) 1946 – Old Capitol Silver Round, Silver Spoon, and Commemorative Half-Dollar.

(M-0133) Commemorative Gold-Plated Old Capitol Spoon

Circa 1940’s – Bing Crosby’s “May The Good Lord Bless and Keep You” Sheet Music & 45RPM Record.

(M-0067) Circa 1950’s – State University of Iowa plate – Vernon Kilns.
(M-0061) (M-0062) 1950 Indiana & 1951 Iowa (Henry County) License Plates.
(M-0065) 1951 Wall Calendar.
(M-0066) 1951 – Meredith Willson’s Iowa Fight Song Sheet Music.
(M-0063) (M-0064) Circa 1950’s – Iowa Hawkeye License Plates.
(M-0068) (M-0076) Circa 1950’s – IOWA CITY, IOWA pennant with an “I Love Iowa City” button (circa 1970’s).
(M-0103) A rare set of State University of Iowa brass bookends – circa 1950’s.
1957oldThreshersPin 2
(M-0100) 1957 – Midwest Old Settlers & Threshers Souvenir Badge.
(M-0069) July 1958 – Time Magazine – The Music Man.
(M-0074) 1962 – The Music Man Movie Poster.
(M-0075) 1963 – Sketch of Little Red Brick School House (1870) – Iowa City.
(M-0077) Circa 1970’s – University of Iowa Alumni Association Plate.
(M-0078) Circa 1970’s – Wilton-Columbia Pewter.
(M-0079) Circa 1970’s – Watercolor by Harlan King.

(BH-043) Circa 1970’s – 32-page Old Capitol Coloring Book.

(L-0024) Circa 1970’s – Art by Mart.
(M-0080) Circa 1970’s – Art by Mart. For more about my interest in music and the arts – click here.
(L-0078) Circa 1970’s – Political Cartoonist Frank MillerFour Seasons in Iowa Prints
(M-0081) 1971 – Ezra Brooks Kentucky Whiskey Decanter.

(P-0337) The 1971 Ezra Brooks Promotional Postcard that went along with the Old Capitol Whiskey Decanter!

(M-0082) 1972 – Greentree Pottery – Judy Sutcliffe.
(M-0083) 1972 – Greentree Pottery – Judy Sutcliffe.
(M-0084) 1972 – Chateau – Denmark.
For more about my interest in music and the arts – click here.
(L-0025) (M-0085) 1972 – Musical Art arranged for and performed by The Hawkeye Marching Band.

1976 George Boller: A Hawkeye Football Nut by Al Grady and (2018) Boller Boys: Hawkeye Football Nuts wall hangings.

 (M-0086) July 4, 1976 – Old Capitol Re-dedication Commemorative Key.

(M-0087a) Circa 1980’s – Damascene Etching by Reed & Barton Silversmiths.
(M-0087b) Circa 1980’s – Damascene Etching by Reed & Barton Silversmiths.
OldCapEglomise Designs
(M-0088) Circa 1980’s – Eglomise Designs of Boston.
(M-0089) Circa 1980’s – Stan Haring Artwork: Iowa City Rock Island Depot.
(M-0090) Circa 1980’s – Stan Haring Artwork: Johnson County Farm.
(M-0091) Circa 1980’s – Stan Haring Artwork: Herbert Hoover Birthplace.
(M-0092) Circa 1980’s – Stan Haring Artwork: Amana.

(L-0081) Circa 1980’s Box of 12 Iowa-Scene Notecards!

(M-0120) A two-deck set of Old Capitol-themed playing cards – Circa 1980’s
(M-0054) 1986 – George Boller’s Daily Iowan Markup Ruler.
(M-0093) 1999 – Meredith Willson FDC & Music Man Wall Display.

(M-0104) (M-0106) 2000’s Ceramic Old Capitol University of Iowa coffee mugs.


(M-0094) 2000 – The Des Moines Register’s Brian Duffy Iowa Millennium Poster. In 2000, Brian Duffy, political cartoonist with the Des Moines Register from 1983-2008, put together a magnificent artistic overview of Iowa icons, ranging from President Herbert Hoover, George Washington Carver, Meredith Willson, and Grant Wood to John Wayne, Mamie Eisenhower, Johnny Carson, Bob Feller, and Nile Kinnick. 58 subjects – One colorful poster. We have secured a rare framed copy of this classic poster and have it on display in our office.

Click here to read more about this amazing Iowa art print, a legend to all 58 Iowa icons, and read about the amazing history behind The Des Moines Register cartoon journalists.

(M-0095) Circa 2000’s – Art of Mart by John Boller.
(M-0096) Christmas 2020 – Celebrating Our Return to Iowa City!
(M-0097) 2020 – Marty’s Space in Iowa City – by Jenny McAtee.

Thank you for browsing through our elite Iowa art collection!

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