Our Iowa Heritage Index: 1960-1969.

As you can see, our growing website Our Iowa Heritage covers a lot of time (pre-1800 to the present) and a lot of people. We’ve written about famous people and the not-so-famous ones as well. Yet, despite a person’s prominence (or lack of it), everybody has a story. And as you read our posts, you’ll hopefully discover that everyone’s story is a good one. So, in order to better find these good stories and details surrounding them, we’ve added this INDEX of HISTORICAL ACCOUNTS to help you along the way. Enjoy your journey.

Our Iowa Heritage: An Introduction. We might suggest you start here! Here’s how & why I got started collecting stamps, coins, and other Iowa memorabilia.

Our Hawkeye Sing-Along. At Homecoming 1962, The Daily Iowan published an article called “Sing Along with SUI’s Parade of Music”. Here four Hawkeye song classics and their stories were presented. Now, sixty years later, join us as we look once again at those memorable spirit-songs plus add another four to the list. From 1905 to 1985, the Hawkeyes have had some great (and not so great) chart-toppers. Clear your throat and come sing-along.

An Iowa President – Herbert Hoover. August 10, 1965 marked the 91st birthday of Herbert Hoover. Over 22,000 people ascended on West Branch to celebrate Stamp Day, the first day of issue for the Hoover commemorative stamp. For this 14-year old stamp collector from Mt. Pleasant, it was a thrill of a lifetime.

Old Capitol Iconic Moments – 100 Years Apart. Since it’s inception in 1841, the Old Stone Capitol has been a gathering place for Iowa Citians. Revisit three iconic moments in American history: Lincoln (1865), Kennedy (1963), and King (1968) via photographs taken by iconic Iowa City photographers, Issac Wetherby and Fred Kent.

SUI or UI – What’s In A Name? From 1847 to 1964, my alma mater was known as the State University of Iowa (SUI). When the other two state colleges (Ames and Cedar Falls) decided to be known as universities, the confusion began. As a result, the long-standing SUI moniker became the U of I. Here’s the story behind the SUI story.

U of I Gathering Places. Attending college is so much more than tests and textbooks. Social gatherings, large and small, have always been an important part of college life. So here’s my salute to my alma mater and the time students and faculty spend outside the classroom.

Marching, Musical, High-Stepping Hawkeyes. Originally a military unit, in 1937, the Hawkeye Marching Band transitioned to the School of Music and never looked back. In 1969, “I modestly took my place as the one and only bass” (actually there were a dozen of us in the sousaphone section), and we never looked back. Today, the HMB is a vital component to Iowa Football and everything Hawkeye.

Tom Davis – Our Musical Mom. The Tom Davis-era (1968-1972) just might have been the golden age of the Hawkeye Marching Band. This jazz percussionist from Wyoming arranged some of the HMB’s best-known classics, including the timeless crowd-pleaser, Hey Jude.

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