July 30, 1840 – Johnson County Road Map – Bloomington To Iowa City.


References – Road, Marshes, TimberVariation 7 (degrees) 30‘ EastScale 1 mile to the Inch. North is to the right.

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Concerning the rarity of our July 1840 letter & its plat & field notes, we find in the writings of H.A. Reid, contributor to the classic 1883 volume – The History of Johnson County, Iowa, pp 234-235, this statement…

Our letter – which is written on July 30, 1840 and was sent to Stephen B. Gardner – Johnson County Clerk – includes the plat, map & diagram of the first 6 miles in Johnson County of the Bloomington/Iowa City road. Our letter, then, pre-dates the McCormick map – mentioned above – by almost seven months!

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First County Roads, History of Johnson County, Iowa, 1883, pp 234-236