Iowa: Postcard Collections.

(P-0009) Circa 1900 – U.S. #319  1903 2¢ George Washington  Issue Date: November 12, 1903  Postmarked May 17, 1906.
(P-0009) This 8-picture post card souvenir packet was produced using pictures taken around Iowa City in the early 1900’s.
(P-0009a) 1907 “Seeing Iowa City, Ia” Penny Post Card Set.
(P-0009a) This unique postcard set features 24 mini B&W pics of Iowa City & University of Iowa.
(P-0083) Souvenir Folder of Iowa City, Iowa and University of Iowa (circa 1920’s).
(P-0084) Souvenir of University of Iowa and Iowa City, Iowa (circa 1930’s). 
(P-0085) Greetings from State University of Iowa (circa 1940’s)  U.S. #804  1938 Presidential Series – 1¢ George Washington  First Day of Issue: April 25, 1938  Postmarked October. 13, 1948.
(P-0210) Souvenir of Iowa City & University of Iowa (circa 1940’s) U.S.#905 1942 3¢ Win the War First Day of Issue: July 4, 1942 City: Washington, D.C. Postmarked Sept 23, 1943 in Iowa City.

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