Iowa: Christmas.

(C-0156) Christmas Greeting from the Old Capitol Restoration Committee – circa 1970’s.  In 1970, the university undertook a six-year interior renovation of Old Capitol, restoring it back to its original condition as a government building in the 1850s, and for use as a state historical museum. It was declared a National Historic Landmark on January 7, 1976 and reopened to the public on the nation’s bicentennial, July 4, 1976.

(M-0086) July 4, 1976 – Old Capitol Re-dedication Commemorative Key. A special full-size commemorative key (just like the original that was used on the front doors of Old Cap) was produced to celebrate the re-opening. We enjoy placing this key on our Christmas tree each year! Take a look at those early years when Old Capitol was the New Capitol.

(P-0194) U.S. #331 1908-09 Regular Issue Series 1¢ Franklin Postmarked Dec 16, 1909 in Iowa City.
(P-0194) Am alive and able to use as much bad language as ever. How are you and the rest of the bunch out that way (Solon). Now get a wiggle on you this trip or I’ll have to come and see you and you can guess what that means.

(P-0277) The Night Before Christmas U.S. #331 1¢ Benjamin Franklin – Postmarked December 20, 1910

(P-0391) This Christmas-time postcard from 1918 features the new Iowa State flag! Read more here.

(P-0196) Christmas Greeting for back home, but just a bit late. U.S. #405  1912-14 1¢ Washington Postmarked January 4, 1923 in Iowa City, Iowa.
(P-0196) But because of his procrastination, I have a postmark (Jan 4) when my Mom, Dixie Lee Boyer, was only 3 days old (Born Jan 1, 1923 in Trenton, MO)!

(L-0090) In the 1950’s, West Music in Iowa City gave away these little Christmas Caroling songbooks.

(C-0309) Postmarked on December 28, 1946, this Christmas-themed cover from the U.S.S Iowa is totally unique! Ho-Ho-Ho!
(C-0004) U.S. #1205  1962 4¢ Christmas: Wreathes and Candles First Day of Issue: November 1, 1962 City: Pittsburgh, PA  The very first Christmas stamp – 1962.
1986Christmas1 2
(C-0163) U.S. #2244  22¢ Christmas: Madonna and Child  First Day of Issue: October 24, 1986 City: Washington, DC –  includes #1321 1966 5¢ Christmas, #1507 1973 8¢ Christmas,  #1579 1975 10¢ Christmas, #1768 1978 15¢ Christmas, #1842 1980 15¢ Christmas, #1939 1981 20¢ Christmas  1986 Christmas Stamps First Day Covers.  The very first Christmas stamp was issued in 1962. Since then, a variety of Holiday themes have been celebrated on US commemoratives. In 1986, a clever collector picked a few of his favorites and made a traditional cover (featuring Madonna and Child) and a contemporary cover.
1986Christmas2 2
(C-0164) U.S. 2245  22c Christmas: Winter Village Scene  First Day of Issue: October 24, 1986 City: Snow Hill, MD – includes #1240 1963 5¢ Christmas, #1384 1969 6¢ Christmas, #1508 1973 8¢ Christmas, #1551 1974 10¢ Christmas, #1730 1977 13¢ Christmas.
(C-0256) U.S. #1768 1978 15¢ Christmas Madonna – Celebrating Pope John Paul II in IowaPostmarked October 4, 1979 in Des Moines.
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