Charles B. Elliott – As Seen by The Colonel.

In an earlier post, we introduced you to 1881 SUI Law GraduateJudge Charles B. Elliott (pics above). In 1884, after a short stint serving as legal counsel for a land company in Aberdeen, South Dakota, Charles – from West Liberty, Iowa – moved to Minneapolis where he became a very successful lawyer.

In April 1937, less than two years after his father’s death, Judge Elliott’s eldest son, Charles Winslow Elliott, presented a historical overview of his father’s life to a meeting of the Minnesota Historical Society. On this page, we’d like to share a few excerpts from his presentation. You will find here in Charles B’s diary that his son – Charles W. – born on February 8, 1887 – had an affectionate name given him by his father – The Colonel. As it turned out, Charles W. did become a Major in the U.S. Army, not quite making it to Colonel status – but to his dad, he was always The Colonel.

Diary Page 4 – January 6, 1888 – Charles’ 27th  birthday. This entry confirms that the Elliott family was still in Ohio for at least the first half of 1878 – moving to West Liberty, Iowa in late 1878 or early 1879. Read more here.
Diary Page 14 – On Feb 18, 1888, Charles mentions receiving a paper from Oscar Watkins containing an address that was read by Oscar before a Teachers Meeting in Ohio. Click here to read more about the long-time friendship between Charles and Oscar.

The entire contents of Charles B. Elliott’s 1888 diary can be accessed here.

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