Daniel J. Boller & Barbara J. Miller

From Farming to Furniture: Establishing a Trade in Iowa.

Daniel J. Boller

November 23, 1856 – May 24, 1946

Barbara J. Miller

November 21, 1863 – February 12, 1955

So now, Our Boller Story has finally moved to Iowa, my home state. Let’s begin this Hawkeye part of our story by telling you about our third generation of Bollers in America, Daniel (D.J.) and Barbara J. (Miller) Boller.

1856-1881 – The Boller-Miller Connection.

1881-1896 – From Farming To Furniture.

1896-1900 – Welcome To Wayland, Iowa.

Boller Furniture Company – Wayland’s Finest For 45 Years.

1900-1955 – The Baton Is Passed.

2022 – The Johnson County Boller Cousins Reunite!

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