2020-Today – Back Home Again.

On June 1, 2020, Sandy & I decided it was time to put a period at the end of our 30-year Cedar Rapids adventure. We moved to Linn County in 1990 and became heavily involved in full-time ministry from the very start. Our Vineyard Church community, which started as a small group, meeting in our living room, was 22 years old in 2020, and had gone through an array of transition throughout that time. As we look back on our church-planting experience, we’ve seen so many miraculous ways God led this group of dear people who simply desired to follow Jesus of Nazareth wherever He might lead us. We close this chapter of our lives (1990-2020) with hearts filled with gratitude.

As we closed our church in Cedar Rapids in June 2020, we began asking God about what was next for us? Over the years, I’ve dreamed of returning to Iowa City – but quite honestly, didn’t see a feasible way for that to happen. But as you know, God can move mountains when He desires, and by July 2020, Sandy & I had found a beautiful townhouse located in the same neighborhood of my parent’s home at 175 Westminster St. – the house we built back in 1966!

2026 Catskill Court – Iowa City – We closed on our new home on August 5 and moved in on August 10, 2020 – the same day of the horrific derecho (wind storm) that devastated Cedar Rapids. So, we literally blew in from the north!

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So, what are we doing in Iowa City? Back in 2013, Sandy & I began exploring more of the inner life in Christ, joining with the training ministry Sustainable Faith. Today, we are teaching and equipping others in the ancient ministry of Christ-centered spiritual direction, and since COVID, we’re doing all of our work on-line – which works wonderfully. You can read more about all God is currently doing in and through our lives and ministry by visiting our Contemplative Activist website.

Upon our arrival in Iowa City in 2020, I’ve spent much time expanding this website you are reading right now. Originally Our Boller Family website was simply a place to store our family ancestry records, but now, as Our Iowa Heritage, the site has expanded to include so much more. Click here to go to the Home Page.

While Our Boller Story website focuses primarily on six generations of my Boller family, our DNA samples take into consideration the much larger pool of ancestors from our past. Thanks to DNA testing done through Ancestry.com, Sandy & I have some intriguing data…

Marty’s DNA Results…

Marty’s Ethnicity leans heavy (98%) into English & Scottish bloodlines, with his German bloodline accounting for only 2%. Keep in mind that DNA results do not reflect just those ethnic lines of a couple of generations, but takes into account the bloodline of hundreds of ancestors from the past. We know, for example, that of his four grandparents (Boller/Hulme/Boyer/Agee), only the Boller men can be traced back to a solid German heritage.

Sandy’s DNA Results…

Yowsers – Sandy’s got much more diversity than Marty. Like him, her English (69%) and Scottish (11%) bloodlines account for a good portion of her ethnicity, but look at that Irish (12%), German (6%) and Swedish (3%) blood in her. A true cocktail of European ancestry.

In celebration of our 47th Anniversary – we took the opportunity to join with 28 others from Mason City, Iowa to tour New York City and experience the 2022 Broadway revival of Meredith Willson’s Music Man – starring Hugh Jackman & Sutton Foster. More details and pics here.

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