Announcing Marybeth Slonneger’s Latest Book – Remembrance Park.

Thirty years in the making – Remembrance Park – A Wildflower Park to Contemplate the Origins of Johnson County, Iowa.

Click here to read more about the vision behind this book.

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Marybeth Slonneger – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Release Date: March 1, 2022By Hand Press – 313 pages$24.95 includes shippingORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!

Remembrance Park is more than just a book – it’s a vision for Johnson County, Iowa. For nearly 30 years, Marybeth Slonneger has hoped for a physical place in our county where a person can step away from our busy, noisy world, sit for a moment, and ponder on the simple beauty found in nature. In the summer of 2022, the first fruit of this long-standing vision is about to be birthed. Click here to read more.

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