In 2015.

“Finials: A View of Downtown Iowa City” is filled with photographs dating back to 1854, separated chronologically and thematically by seventeen essays written by various Iowa Citians. “Finials” is titled after the architectural feature that adorned the tops of many downtown buildings and time travels from the days when horse-drawn carriages rolled down dirt-lined streets to wrecking balls swinging during the urban renewal work of the 1970s.

Marybeth Slonneger – Iowa City’s Artist Historian.

Iowa City has a rich heritage of talented artists and gifted historians, but Marybeth Slonneger just might be our city’s first resident who is actually both. In 2015, Marybeth released her fourth book on Iowa City history, and this one just might be her best yet: Finials: A View of Downtown Iowa City.


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1 thought on “In 2015.

  1. Dear Marty, you are truly a Dear!

    I just read your blog post for today——it was my birthday, so we had prosecco and cake this afternoon——I didn’t turn a year older! Anyway, the blog is a wonderful “ad” for Finials, but more than the price of the book, it will hopefully get out to more people to read and appreciate our history.

    Ken and I were talking about the next step for Remembrance Park. We wonder if it would be good to turn our attentions to the owners of that sliver of land on the south side of Napoleon Rd, to see if they would be willing to sell it to us, it doesn’t seem to be farmed. Ken and I would be willing to buy it outright, if it is not too expensive. I’m afraid that the mayor, with his need to campaign and to fight off Covid deniers, may be too distracted to think of a park built around the idea of diversity right now. And, it would be good to get around before the weather turns cold. I’d appreciate your thoughts about this.

    Very sincerely, Marybeth


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