Did You Know? May 11, 1921.

May 11, 1921 – George E. Boller.
Did You Know – the audio version.

May 11, 1921. My father, George E. Boller, was born in Wayland, Iowa. Today would have been his 101st birthday!

Today, I find myself sitting at my desk, looking at my new backyard here in the town that I love: Iowa City.

Sandy & I moved here a couple of summers ago, in the midst of the pandemic, finding a comfortable townhouse that’s located just a few blocks away from the little house my parents, George & Dixie Boller, built back in 1966. Dad had just gotten his new job as a printer with The Daily Iowan, and all of our lives took one huge step forward with that eventful move.

George Edward Boller loved Iowa City. Though born and raised in Wayland, Iowa, a little town in Henry County, about 45 miles south of here, Iowa City was the place Dad truly called home.

His dad, Waldo Emerson Boller, took little George to his first Iowa football game in 1926, when he was but five years old. I remember Dad talking about those early days of the long trips up the newly-graveled, sometimes muddy Red Ball Route (Hwy 218). With the games always starting at 1 pm, it was an all-day experience to trek from Wayland to Iowa City and back again.

George Edward Boller was one fine man. One fine father. He was 30 when I came around in 1951, and we only had him until April of 1994. Way too short of time.

Today, May 11, 2022, George Boller would have turned 101 years old.

It’s a strange feeling to think of your father as being that old, yet I guess when you do the math, numbers simply don’t lie.

Here’s to George Edward Boller – Happy Birthday, Dad!


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2 thoughts on “Did You Know? May 11, 1921.

  1. Neat heartfelt story Marty. Loved your grandfather’s name. Your great grandparents must have admired Ralph huh! That sounds like a story in it self


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