Introducing Marybeth Slonneger…

Welcome – Marybeth Slonneger to Our Iowa Heritage! Click here to read more about Marybeth.

A few weeks back, my wife, Sandy, and I had the joy of meeting Marybeth Slonneger, sitting down with her for coffee (actually Sandy and Marybeth had Italian ice) at a local shop, while chatting everything Iowa City.

I’d first run across one of Marybeth’s books earlier this year as I was gathering material for my article on Iowa City’s ground-breaking photographer, Isaac Wetherby. Since then, I’ve come to truly respect Marybeth’s work here in Iowa City, as she has tirelessly labored for more than three decades, keeping our Iowa heritage, especially the amazing history of Johnson County, alive for future generations.

As we parted, Marybeth gave me a copy of her latest book…

“Finials: A View of Downtown Iowa City” is filled with photographs dating back to 1854, separated chronologically and thematically by seventeen essays written by various Iowa Citians. “Finials” is titled after the architectural feature that adorned the tops of many downtown buildings and time travels from the days when horse-drawn carriages rolled down dirt-lined streets to wrecking balls swinging during the urban renewal work of the 1970s. Click here to read more about Marybeth Slonneger and her amazing book.

As a long-time friend of Iowa City (i.e. – my family moved here in 1966 and after 30 years in Cedar Rapids, Sandy & I returned here last summer) I was enchanted with every one of the 366 pages in this beautiful book. Released in 2015, it has to be one of those classics everybody who loves Iowa City has on their coffee table – an artist triumph with a historic twist.

A few days ago, I followed up with Marybeth, telling her how much I was enjoying her book. During the conversation, I mentioned to her how very difficult it was to find her books on-line. Well, one thing led to another, and today, I’d like to announce…

The remaining copies (supplies are very limited) of Marybeth’s last two books:

Finials: A View of Downtown Iowa City (2015) – 366 pages – paperback – Hand Press

Wetherby’s Gallery: Paintings, Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes of an Artist (2012) – 184 pages – paperback – Hand Press

…are NOW AVAILABLE here on Our Iowa Heritage website. And as a special gift to you, our OIH readers, Marybeth tells me she’s willing to sign her remaining copies and YOU can secure yours today – while supplies last.

Click here for all the details and to place your order!

Welcome, Marybeth, to our website. We understand a new title is in the works, celebrating Johnson County’s earliest pioneers. We can’t wait for it to be released! Stay tuned, folks!

Marty Boller

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