The Christmas Letters – 1981-2012.

In keeping with the fine George & Dixie Boller tradition (1948-1991) of printed Christmas newsletters, we’ve assembled some of our Christmas newsletters going back to 1981 through 2012. There’s a few missing years, but enough here to give you a good overview of our Boller family highlights throughout much of our kids’ growing up years!

David and Debbie are featured in 1981…

With Jenny added in by 1984…

1986 – Big news! John Martin Boller is born and we’re moving to Iowa!
The late 1980’s were tough years of transition for the Bollers (read more here) but by the early 90’s, we’d settled into our new home in Cedar Rapids and life seemed a bit more relaxed.
In 1994, we lost my Dad, George Boller, and Sandy’s Dad, Jack Unrue. A couple of tough losses in an otherwise very blessed year.
1995 brought our 20th Wedding Anniversary!
1998 – We started Father’s House Vineyard Christian Church (read more here)…but more importantly, our oldest, David, started his new life of marriage with Niki Harmon!
2001 – Our first grandchild appears – Anna Grace Boller!
2002 – Jenny, our youngest daughter, marries Sean McAtee!
2003 – Ellie Elizabeth Boller is born!
2007 – Debbie, our oldest daughter, marries Shane Moe and heads off to Minneapolis!
2010- John, our youngest son, married Andrea Aulwes, and two more grandchildren are added to our growing family! Jack Martin McAtee and Lydia Addisnon Moe!
2012 – Our last “full family” newsletter – after which Sandy & I simply used traditional cards to mail our Christmas notes. The end of a long Boller tradition – 1948-2012. Amen.

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