The Seventh Generation: The Four Boller Kids.

The Bollers – Marty & Sandy, Debbie, David, Jenny, John at Marty’s 70th birthday bash.

As we come to the end of Our Boller Story – Generation Six, it’s important for Sandy & me to pay tribute to our greatest blessing over our 40+ years of marriage: Generation Seven.

In 2017, these four creative Boller kids took our 1986 photo and “reproduced” the scene – with hilarious results! They presented the finished product to us at Christmas that year.

David (1978), Debbie (1980), Jenny (1983), John (1986). Click here to read more.

Of course, as time progressed, each one of our kids grew up and found a beautiful soul mate – now making Our Boller Story even bigger and better…

Of course, we can’t forget to mention Boller Generation Eight… Anna Boller (2001), Ellie Boller (2003), Jack McAtee (2010), Lydia Moe (2010), Gavin Moe (2012), Abigail McAtee (2013), and George McAtee (2015) – our seven grandkids – amazing blessings indeed!

Here’s a tip of the old hat to the Marty & Sandy Boller Family – Generation Six, Seven & Eight!

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