Passing On Our Rich Boller Heritage.

As a proud poppa & momma and grand-poppa & momma, one of the highest treasures in life is to see our children and grand-children take a strong interest in those things that are important to us. And, as you can tell from this website, Our Boller Heritage has an important place in our lives.

And now, see how the tradition continues with our grandchildren…

Watch this amazing historical video on George F. Boller put together by my granddaughter, Anna Boller, for her high school class assignment at Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids, IA in 2019. Congratulations, Anna Grace, you’ve done a marvelous job outlining a good bit of our Boller history in America! 

On March 30, 2019, our oldest granddaughter, Anna Boller, and her mom and dad, David & Niki Boller, had a wonderful opportunity to meet with Jan Ferry, director of the Kalona Heritage Museum, and some of the board members. They were impressed with Anna’s video (above) and invited us to come for a private tour of the museum, which includes an extensive collection of Mennonite history from the area. What an enjoyable day!

And then, there’s Lydia Moe passing on the Iowa story in a far-off distant land called Minnesota.

On May 27, 2021, our granddaughter, Lydia Moe, gave a beautiful oral report to her 4th grade class in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Her report was on the State of Iowa. Her teacher gave her the highest score in her class – 99/100. We’d given her a 150! So proud of how Lydia knows her stuff when it comes to the Hawkeye State!

Now, a final word from your humble author…

So here we are at the end of our 200+ year Boller story. Beginning in the late 1700’s in Germany and now continuing in Iowa & beyond, we see the fingerprints of God moving in and through our family…bringing His vibrancy of life to each generation. Who knows how many more years God will give Sandy and me as we continue working for Him and His Kingdom purposes? Whether it be a long time or a short season, I’m so happy that I’ve been able to write, for all of our grandchildren, the history of the Boller family as we currently know it today. Keep in mind that this is a very selective history that has been written (original-2006), and re-written again (2015 and 2022), and hopefully, we’ve given you just enough here to keep the family fires burning for future generations.

To you, our dear children and your spouses, we say… Sandy and I are so deeply proud of each of you and are so honored to be in your lives. That deep joy I felt inside on the day Sandy & I were first married has been rivaled only by the joy I have in seeing each of you grow up, loving Jesus with your whole heart, and living gentle lives of honor and righteousness toward Him and with each other! Each of you have become our greatest treasures here on earth. Thank you for being so loving & kind and so merciful & forgiving each time we’ve let you down, not supplying for you all the worldly blessings we might have chosen for you if our lives were lived in a bit more prosperity. Our prayer is that where-ever and when-ever you’ve felt a lack of provision or love or support from us, that the Lord, your Heavenly Father, can & will supply adequately for you where we might have failed you. We love you deeply…more than words can ever say!

Finally, I close by addressing our amazing grandchildren. Please know that your Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Marty love you so very, very much and look forward to all you will accomplish in your lives with God’s help in the days ahead. Remember that we love you forever! Keep going. Keep believing in yourself and in the God who gives you strength to run this race called life. We’ll be watching and cheering you on!

Humbly submitted by Marty BollerSixth generation history-keeper for everything Boller.

“…and I modestly took my place as the one and only bass and I oom-pahed up and down the square.” Meredith Willson – another fine musician from Iowa.